Friday, 3 June 2016

4 Star Review in Shindig!

Very happy get a lovely 4 Star review in Shindig magazine. Thanks to Jeanette Leech!

"I still remember very fondly the first SDUU record, released in 2008. I initially dismissed it as a twee little thing but soon came to warm to its playful and delicate folktronic wonder. Eight years later the duo of mutli-instrumentalist Keiron Phelan and vocalist/electronicist moomLoo are charming me all over again.
This, their second album, is sometimes cheerful and bright. There's the glorious 'Millwall', which skanks its tale of gang culture over an 'Uptown Top Ranking' beat. 'Dragon Song' has a friendly roar on it. But, more often, the mood is a kind of introspective hope. 'Butterfly Morning', 'Dance With The Silver' and 'Took By Crows' are subtle, teasing songs. Think of a slightly weepy Astrud Gilberto on a carousel.
If you don't like saccharine then there won''t be enough spikes in this record to satisfy you. But if you enjoy tinkling rain and sweetly-intoned vocals, 'Smile Down Upon Us' has you covered with its captivating quietly progressive ethos.

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