Friday, 20 March 2015

what the press thought about Smile Down Upon Us (album 1)

we got some pretty good reviews for Smile Down Upon Us (album 1), so thought it might be OK to show them off!

1. The Wire (no name):

‘Magpie, trans-genre, sensibility. A fluttering zephyr of a record, all warm breezes and shimmering coyness. It sounds like the best sort of commune outfit-with rural squalor and wholemeal worthiness eliminated by technology, all that’s left is joyful experimentation.’

2. Mojo (Andrew Carden):

‘It’s a luxuriant blend of delicate, folk-tinged playing, electronic texture and sweet sing-song. Delightfully warm and lighter than air, throughout.’

3. Time Out (Chris Parkin):

‘Making music with a pen-pal. More organic than a Fresh and Wild artichoke, this is proof that Pro-Tools and email are as natural as a handmade dulcimer.’

4. Q Magazine (Rupert Howe):

‘An of-the-moment virtual collaboration. Delicate in melody and execution, it’s moomLooo’s girlish and slightly unnerving vocals that fascinate most.’

5. Rock-A-Rolla (Oli Marlowe):

‘In essence and in sentiment Smile Down Upon Us is a gorgeous, purpose built, moniker for such an ethereal blend of wandering folk music. The multi-lingual lyricism is playful and always tender.’

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